Glamping, Down in the Copper Beech Glade

A few months ago, when visiting Markington, I shared a little bit of detail in this previous post.
Good fortune has me passing by Markington again for a few days and it is a great opportunity to give you an update on the Glamping at Markington.

Down in the Copper Beech Glade, a magical gypsy camping experience is now well established by Jules and Hank. Tucked away in the grounds of historic Markington Hall, ancestral home of the 19th century slave emancipist William Wilberforce family; past the old mill and millrace is the Copper Beech Glade where the trio of gypsy wagons are located. They provide accommodation in an enchanting setting for a short stay or a longer holiday.

To get to Markington one can travel numerous paths, however I like to pass via Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Harrogate is my idea of a romantic English country town (city?).

Three vans are settled under the magnificent huge Copper Beech trees with a vista of the Markington brook babbling by. “The River Robert” meanders its way through the grounds of Markington Hall completing a truly magnificent backdrop of English countryside.

The River Robert

Bella is the larger van for a comfortable and romantic sleep for the couple staying in her.

Bella, a burgundy and cream Bow top Gypsy Caravan, is the largest of our three caravans. Sleeps 2.

Carmen has her fiery red exterior and conjures up passion in my mind, for the couple staying in her.

Carmen is an old traditional Bow top Gypsy Caravan which Sleeps 2 (with the possibility of a den under the bed for small children)

Rosita is cheeky and gorgeous. Again, for a couple or this one decks out well for kids to stay in her.

Rosita front entrance

Within the glade, close to the caravans is a fully equipped wooden cabin with a veranda for guests to utilise. Comfy sofas, tables and chairs, cooking facilities and all imaginable necessities are catered for. A cooking area, both inside the cabin and outside to suit whatever fancies the guest. Bathroom facilities have a touch of “outback Australia”, Jules’ little touch of home influence. Don’t be fooled though, this outback look does not mean that the bathroom facilities are rugged. It is fantastic!!!

Log cabin
Wood cabin

Settled in front of the caravans is a camp fire. Hanging over the fire, a kettle is gently boiling in ready for the never-ending English cup of tea. I also have the perfect vision of a pot slow cooking a fantastic stew. In fact, I am so inspired by the imagery I am going to create a recipe; “Copper Beech Glade Gypsy stew”.

our colourful trio of gypsy caravans circling the ample fire pit, plus a fully equipped colonial style log cabin.
Camp fire

Can’t you imagine the folklore and storytelling that will happen around this fire circle?

Camp circle

The perfect and impressive completion of this site has to be the toilet block. The long drop natural composting, discreetly located toilet block is impressive……as far as toilets go!!

Composting toilet
Toilet block

Jules and Hank have created this enchanting and welcoming get-away, set amid historical grounds seeped in history for the discovering. An environment that is so relaxed, yet all of “Maslow’s basic human needs” are so thoughtfully and efficiently catered for and met.

Those of us who know Jules and Hank can attest to the gracious, generous and caring hosts that they are. In all the years of visiting and staying with them at High Mill Farm, later at Wallerthwaite Farm and now at Markington Hall, our visits have never been anything else other than splendid. Reading through their guest book certainly confirms this is not just unique to us. We feel so blessed and thrilled to count them amongst our “bestie” friends.

If you ever pass this way and decide to have a glamping experience, tell them that DC sent you!!

Cheers DC XX